My consulting services are all bespoke but here’s a snapshot of how I might be able to help you.
“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow. Today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.”
The Dalai Lama

Find your Groove,
Inspire Change

For CEOs & Business Owners
Become an inspirational leader and create the business you dream about.
Feel close to burnout? Or maybe you feel isolated, with so much on your shoulders and no one to share your worries, doubts, and challenges with…
You wear so many hats you worry you might miss something or develop blind spots (which could lead to you hemorrhaging money or market share).
Everything feels urgent and you’re constantly dragged into day-to-day issues. You don’t have the strategic focus to drive your business forward and develop your teams.
How I help you
I help you find the time to focus on what’s really important for your business so you can lead effectively and stay ahead of the game.
I am your unbiased partner and sounding board, while holding you accountable.
I put my 20 + years of big corporation experience at your disposal, to help you make better decisions and get better results.
Your results
You can lead your team in a way that inspires them to follow you and take action. You’re clear on your priorities and can articulate a vision and a strategy to implement them. You finally feel in control to move your company forward.

Who’s Next?

Give your leaders the tools to embrace their roles and kick your company up a gear.
Have you thought about how you manage your leadership team?
If you lead effectively, you can:
  • delegate to them, safe in the knowledge they’ll make the right decisions
  • train them to be ready for their next step up
  • reduce overheads for the long term
  • cut recruitment costs
  • keep hold of your board and shareholder’s trust
  • take time off
  • finally get a good night’s sleep knowing that you have a plan!
But all too often I see high performers promoted to a leadership role they haven’t been prepared for, and so struggle to get the job done.
Women executives can find it particularly challenging to assert themselves and find their voice at the table.
How I help you
With my experience in leading international and multicultural organisations I show you how to unlock your people’s leadership ability.
Through coaching and mentoring, I guide you to help your leaders find their feet and the courage to be both passionate and strategic. You learn to show them how to build unbreakable bonds across your business and develop the gravitas needed for their role. Most importantly they learn how to inspire their teams by leading bravely with their head and their heart.
Your results
As a result, your leaders thrive. They are engaged and committed to achieving your vision, boosting performance and ultimately your bottom line.

Happy People,
Better Business!

Make your company a place people are excited to work at every day.
You know that when your people are happy and fulfilled your business does better.
But prioritizing your people’s wellbeing takes work. It has to be thoughtful, deliberate, regular and planned for.
The negative impact of employee turnover goes beyond the (huge) financial costs each year. It also kills the morale and productivity of your team and makes it harder for you to attract talent.
And isn’t it frustrating when you’ve spent months training someone, only to see them leave for the competition just when they were starting to become productive?
How I help you
I analyse your company culture and draw on my experience in leading teams all around the world to show you how to engage your employees to all pull in the same direction, manage performance and grow your internal talent.
Your results
Happy employees take less sick leave and are less likely to leave. They’re more productive and have stronger relationships with your customers (so you get happier, more loyal customers too). They attract better talent to give you that competitive advantage. Happy people mean better business!
“Take care of your employees they will take care of your business”
– Sir Richard Branson

Grow Faster,
Grow Better

Overcome challenges, increase revenue and grow.
Do these ring a bell?
  • Business is booming but there are problems. Your teams are overloaded and spend more time firefighting and on admin than with your clients. No-one knows who’s responsible for what, and you worry that’s affecting morale, mood and productivity.
  • You want to scale but can’t see the wood for the trees – you need more clarity and direction to create a growth strategy that nails your goals and financial objectives.
  • You’ve gone through a massive staff reduction and need to rebuild a performing business so you don’t lose clients and deliver high levels of service.
How I help you
I analyse businesses problems and create solutions. In my career I’ve always been the person people seek out when a situation seems unsolvable. I don’t shy away from a challenge and take it on with a smile – there’s no problem so sticky I can’t get it unstuck!
I help you get clarity, unpack the messiness and make sure your teams have what they need to do their job well.
I translate your strategy into real action and help you communicate clear goals and financial objectives to your team and stakeholders.
Your results
You walk away with a clear roadmap on how to execute your strategy to reach your business goals. You have renewed peace of mind and a sense of optimism for the future. Let’s do this!

I’ve got your back!

You can have the best of intentions but when things get busy it can be hard to stick to the plan. No worries, I’ve got your back!
If you’ve previously worked with me and feel you need:
  • a regular check in to make sure everything is still on track.
  • an accountability buddy
  • mentoring
this is for you. It includes monthly check-in meetings to review all aspects of your business, tackle any sticky problems and plan for the coming months. Customisable to your needs.
What are you waiting for?
Inspire your
Team Today